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Closed Internal connection problems

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I have download 7 days to die from MEGA link provided from Knights Table's link, and unpack it in my C drive. Before I start the game< I go to SmartSteamEmu.ini. and change my PersonaName. Then I follow the instruction to start the game using KTGameLauncer.exe instead if 7DaysToDie.exe with administrator permission. Allow to connect public and private network for the windows firewall.

The game run smoothly. Everything is working except when I tried to connect to the server provided by Knights Table. I can play solo players perfectly fine, and everything in the setting works just fine, only that I can't join the knight table's server. I follow the instruction and key in IP: Port: 26920 when  i I click connect the server, but it won't work. It just show internal connection problem. Help me pls~



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if u rrmbr i asked u to put a screenshot about ur error but what i meant was some thing like this that gives more info 


how to do= press F1 or ~ to bring up console take some scnshots from all the lines and send here so others may help u

another example 


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