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Closed [Suggestion] New plugins for hw1

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Hey yall, first topic about hw.. I should create it :vogel:

So some time ago I asked for KillCounter plugin, and admins add it, but it was a bit buggy and they remove it, as I know customdeathmessages and killcounter got updated few days ago, and its working fine now.

- CustomDeathMessages : http://oxidemod.org/plugins/custom-death-messages.1544/

- KillCounter: http://oxidemod.org/plugins/killcounter.1916/

Also If you add KillCounter its provide a Top5 players with more kills at the server so you could remove shitty polish rank plugin. And for example you could create some type of "Lite Vip" version or Vip itself and give it to the top1 player for the next wipe, thats will create some competition between the players.

Another plugin I was thinking it was RollTheDice, the roulette system is pretty interesting and fun, with gear,animals and effects, so I would like to see that on the server also.

Cmon @MidasTouch, put some "fresh blood" on the server. :giggity:

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I already updated CustomDeathMessages, was just to lazy to switch from the rank plugin back to KillCounter gone do that today. I'am gone take a look at RollTheDice.

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