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Smaler maps

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Hi, and thanks for clicking on this post, if you agrer with me about this, please leave a comment. So currently the maps are huge, well for the amount of player that play on knightstable, its huge. On average i see less than one building ina title/coordinate/whatever you wanna call it. (n modded) Thats nothing. You can literally walk from one side of the map to the other on a road and most likely never see a building. Also, i get into combat really really rarely, wich kinda makes guns useless to some degree. I would suggest not making the map more than half of the current size. It would get a bit more pvp, cuz currently theres no pvp, just raiding. And i know some people will say "i like being far from others" or stuff like that, but thats not hos rust was meant to be played. Plus, you see a building when you walk out of your door, what a big deal. Someones fonna raid you at some point anyways, so that doesnt really matter, but pvp at least in small amounts is needed for the game to be fun. And for the vanilla server, only a very few people play there so the map has to be extremely small for it to work. Something like this for the modded would be enough:


And something like this for vanilla:


Take a look at them, i hope you agree with me.

Thanks for reading.

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